Scott Snyder

Bass Guitar

 Chicago’s Scott Snyder joined Great White in 2008. The go-to guy and gifted bassist has been a natural fit to the brotherhood. Snyder’s instincts and versatility have elicited amazing chemistry on all Great White releases since Rising (2009, Frontiers).  Snyder said he’s gained so much as a member of Great White. 

 “Being able to play as much as we do, I’m able to hone my vocal and playing ability with finesse, as well as working with the band to be the tightest unit live, people notice a tight band, even a non musician notices,” Synder said. 

When not touring or recording with Great White, Snyder owns Rock Me Tattoo & Piercing Company. His artwork and attention to detail is just another extension to his approachable (most of the time very funny!) and creative presence – many of which lifelong Great White fans have eagerly embraced. 

 “I’m completely honored to be so excepted by the fans, after being called former bass players for the first couple years, they now know me by name, know my background, and always have something great to say about me being in the band,” Snyder said.  “It’s very humbling to me to be so love by so many around the world. I’ll never take it for granted.”

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