Terry Ilous

Lead Singer

 After filling in on select dates in 2009, Great White made Terry Ilous their official front man in 2011. Ilous, already a platinum recording artist and songwriter from his band XYZ, helped elevate the Great White sound. His first efforts 30 Years Live and Elation (both released via Frontiers) cemented Ilous’ role as the new voice and a contributing writer to Grammy nominated, multi platinum rockers, Great White. 

     Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie and Audie Desbrow all praise Ilous’ tenacity and adaptability. He is a pivotal team member. 

     “He is a quick learner and keeps us energized,” Kendall said. “We are very blessed to have him in our corner. Many of our fans just can’t get enough of his stage presence and vocal range – he’s not just doing a job, he’s transferring his energy and passion to the audience. We all feel it and it’s just amazing to be a part of our live show. He carries that same passion into the recording studio.”

     Ilous’ impact will further be felt with Great White’s 2017 new album, as well as the upcoming live performance documentary, Metal Meltdown.

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